More Cupid With Bumblebeary

Alright, we’re back to Cupid with bumblebeary, and we’re going to finish up chapter one today!

Turn on some music; stretch; dance; do whatever makes you feel good, and let’s get started.

Note: Video link is set to a specific time; roughly 18m20s, which is where we left off yesterday

Intermission: You get so into the story that you totally forget that you’re stretching, moving, and working your body. Over time, this just becomes a pleasure for you, and you’ll find that you look forward to some relaxing exercise. It makes you more alert; helps you sleep better; and it’s so easy to do just a little bit every day. And you want to watch the VNs!

Okay, so a lot happened before that was over.

So many new characters. Let’s get started!

We learn that the little girl is named Catherine, and that she’s a musical prodigy.

We meet the Marquis, whom bumblebeary does not trust. You can tell she has had some experience with men like this before (both in and out of VNs). Everything he says is suspect to our adorable streamer, and it so much fun to watch the play between the VN and our hostess!

But the Marquis is playing everyone, it seems.

Catherine’s father is a widower who melts for the Marquis. Fine wine, a stipend, patronage for Catherine, and a new piano; however–as our lovely bumblebeary points out–gifts are rarely free.

We meet Catherine’s older sister, Emilie and she’s very interesting. Nearly married, and living in the house of another family, she wants to suspect the Marquis of so many foul things. She’s heard the rumours, that the Marquis is a seducer and a viper of the heart, but he seems so sad. We know that he’s just amazingly manipulative, don’t we, bumblebeary? But Emilie gets a few lines in before she starts to literally fantasize about having the Marquis future babies. Oh, he wants to settle down? Was he looking at me when he said that?

The major plot twist comes when Catherine decides to adopt poor Rosa. Her father doesn’t quite like the idea, and the Marquis doesn’t enjoy being put on the spot. But what can you do? Kids, right?

The Marquis plays it well, neatly arranging for all the girls to spend time at his manor. It seems like he wants to put his greedy, slutty fingers into all the pies.

As bumblebeary put it (and I’m probably paraphrasing here), “Eeew, please don’t make me hate you, Marquis!”

End of chapter one!

This is a good place to check out another streamer, who does great voices. I’ll have a new link for you tomorrow. I do know we will be back to bumblebeary before we’re done, though. There are not a lot of great playthroughs of Cupid, and bumblebeary has been fantastic so far.

So say goodbye for now, and please make sure to thank her by Subscribing to her channel and Liking her videos.

We’ll be back with her soon enough!

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