Hey there, my name is Lily (aka Lily Black), and I’m into Visual Novels. So much so that I’m making one, and you should definitely check it out here.

Okay, with that out of the way, welcome to Arosia Reviews.

This site is about three things.

1. Visual Novels

I love VNs, but I hardly ever have the time to sit down and play. I work super hard; I literally have just a few hours a day to relax.

But I do need to play at least a little bit to let my mind unwind.

2. Streamers

So if I can’t sit and play a VN myself, the next best thing is to discover interesting people who are willing to spend their time and energy playing though a game with me.

Sometimes a good streamer can make a game even more fun for me, and I love exploring all the wonderful guys and girls out there who are doing VN playthroughs.

3. Exercise

So weird, I know! Let me explain before you laugh at me.

I’m really big on daily, habitual exercise. I’ve been so busy in the past that I’ve neglected to exercise, and my body ends up feelings sore and get achey. I don’t sleep well; it’s terrible!

So I manage to get 30-60m of exercise in every, single day, and it’s the perfect time for me to pick a streamer and watch a VN playthrough.

Maybe you need a workout buddy, too?

Someone to guide you to the fun and easy VNs?

I’m going to give you easy links to good playthroughs.

And after we’re done, I tell you what happened and what I think about the story and the streamer.

If you have the time, you can even share your thoughts with me!

Super quirky blog premise, I know.

But if you want to do this together, read on, my loves!

P.S. This totally crazy idea was inspired by Plk_Lesiak on the Fuwa forums; you should check out his review site because he is an awesome guy and I love reading his newest reviews!