Cupid with Bumblebeary

Okay, first post. These are always the hardest, getting started.

As I mentioned before,  I love the reviews that Plk_Lesiak does on his blog at the Fuwa forums.

His latest suggestion is Cupid, and I thought that sounded like a good read/watch.

Today I’m dancing, which is my favorite way of working out.

Cupid is available for free on Steam  as well as on

The streamer I’m going with for this first playthrough is a delightful lady named bumblebeary on youtube.

You can find the start of her playthrough here:

Okay, turn your music on in the background, start running on that treadmill, do some sit ups or go jogging, and I’ll see you at exactly 20 minutes in!

Intermission: Your body is getting so happy and healthy and tight and maybe a bit sexy. Lots of panting. Your heartbeat picks up. Good things are happening!

Okay, that was fun.

Alright, here’s what I saw happen. We open on a young girl who seems to be tortured by her mother’s spirit (or just mental illness). Lots of men have done bad things to her; their wives and womenfolk have hurt and abused her. The priest is touching her in very dirty ways.

And poor bumblebeary (our streamer) is so offended it is beyond cute. She’s so eloquent and kind, and she’s already sticking up for our protagonist. It makes me smile to watch another person act so sweetly.

Our story girl ends up gouging her own eye out. Mother made her do it. So grotesque! As bumblebeary puts it, “I’m the worst guardian angel ever!”

The story then moves to a Chateau. Our girl’s name seems to be Rose, now, because I think she sells roses to get by. She knows (and likes) the Marquis who owns the Chateau; I loved how adorable bumblebeary got when she noticed that rose was blushing!

A bunch of cunty women–I know, I try to watch my language, but they deserve it–start abusing poor, one-eyed Rose. But don’t worry, bumblebeary AND a mysterious new character in our VN–a sweet, young child–come to Rose’s rescue.

And right before we finish the workout, the Marquis suddenly appears! What a tease.

He looks pretty hot and he’s a foreigner. Possibly the bastard of a Greek queen, but our cute bumblebeary had trouble saying that.

So that’s it!

We may bounce around between streamers going forward, but I think I’ll spend at least a bit longer with bumblebeary because she was exceptional and very entertaining.

We’ll probably finish playing all the way through Cupid, however, because I’m really big on seeing my commitments through.

See you tomorrow, my loves!

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